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Sonya Drobychevskaya
2 min readMay 21, 2021


My name is Sofia and I am a serial entrepreneur. I have launched several startups and some of them were unsuccessful, where the main reason was that I lacked skills and a strong network. But I am not alone. In fact, 83% of startup founders face the same problem.

So, my team and I have decided to solve this problem by building the Makerpeer App. It’s a live streaming audio and video peer-to-peer app, where you can share knowledge and get courses from business experts, mentors, and founders absolutely free. The topics covered in Makerpeer focus on startups and entrepreneurs designed to help you strengthen your knowledge. Moreover, the unique live-sharing features make you interact more with your mentors and thereby increase your network.

“Where is the place that can boost my skills, give me feedback on my ideas, and help me collaborate with other creators absolutely for free?”

Makerpeer — get inspiration from the best!

Makerpeer is a social e-learning app for entrepreneurs. Everyone can create, collaborate and monetize their own professional knowledge.

What does the Makerpeer app offer?

  • Promote your professional skills directly to a closed target audience
  • Collaborate with B2B companies and other influencers
  • Monetize your knowledge and skills

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What makes Makerpeer unique?

  • Exclusive invite-only approach
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • Discover new niche audiences
  • Free access to courses
  • The easiest way to monetize your professional skills and earn extra income

How it works

Member joining a session

  • Follow expert peers & communities you like
  • Get notifications about upcoming sessions
  • Join live sessions and interact

The member hosting a session

  • Create or upload audio&video session
  • Collaborate with brands & influencers
  • Communicate with your audience

Message for the reader

Тoday, the startup is at the pre-sale stage, there are already 150 users on the list who are ready to join the application on July 10, 2021 (launch date). The first 1000 users get free access to exclusive content and paid features, which will greatly help in the development of their own skills and connections.

Link to join the waitlist: Click Here
Website: Makerpeer.one

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Sonya Drobychevskaya

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